Anyone else seeing Xaml errors in OptionsDialogView? Any way to resolve them?

Setter Property="TreeViewItem.Header" 
    Value="{Binding Path=(contracts:IOptionsItem.Header)}"

Object 'null' cannot be used as an accessor parameter for a PropertyPath. An accessor parameter must be DependencyProperty, PropertyInfo, or PropertyDescriptor. at System.Windows.PropertyPath.ResolvePropertyName(String name, Object item, Type ownerType, Object context, Boolean throwOnError) at System.Windows.PropertyPath.ResolvePathParts(ITypeDescriptorContext typeDescriptorContext) at System.Windows.PropertyPath.PrepareSourceValueInfo(ITypeDescriptorContext typeDescriptorContext) at System.Windows.PropertyPath..ctor(String path, Object[] pathParameters) at Microsoft.Expression.Platform.WPF.InstanceBuilders.PropertyPathInstanceBuilder.InstantiateTargetType(IInstanceBuilderContext context, ViewNode viewNode) at Microsoft.Expression.Platform.WPF.InstanceBuilders.PropertyPathInstanceBuilder.Instantiate(IInstanceBuilderContext context, ViewNode viewNode) at Microsoft.Expression.DesignModel.Core.ViewNodeManager.Instantiate(ViewNode viewNode)

asked 11 Sep '10, 04:11

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Scott Whitlock ♦♦

Is this in Expression Blend or in VS2010 when compiling?

(11 Sep '10, 14:22) Scott Whitlock ♦♦

I'm getting these errors in WorkbenchView.xaml, but if I close the xaml editor, and recompile, they go away. Seems to be a VS2010 thing. I found this similar issue:

The errors don't seem to happen if you use the regular binding syntax:

Setter Property="TreeViewItem.Header" 
    Value="{Binding Path=Header}"

I used the explicit syntax because it's supposed to resolve at compile time instead of run time.


answered 11 Sep '10, 15:03

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Scott Whitlock ♦♦
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edited 11 Sep '10, 15:08

ok. I agree it looks like a VS 2010 bug. I'll ignore it.

(11 Sep '10, 15:57) BSalita
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