I started playing with SoapBox Core a few months ago as a way to learn more about WPF, MVVM and MEF and have fallen in love with it since. After writing a few little extensions of my own at home I was able to show the people I work with this amazing platform and we are now going to start developing ‘real’ business applications on top of it. It’s going to be great!

Are you interested in having more developers contribute to this project? If so, is there a list of enhancement requests or ideas for new things to implement? What about writing some unit tests? If there is no code to be written then is there documentation to be made (maybe a Doxygen site would be useful/cool?) or any other ways I can contribute?

If you don’t need/want more developers on the project then I’ll understand. I will still happily develop on top of the core, check the questions page every week and be excited for new versions to come out.

Like I said, I really like SoapBox Core and I want to know how I can contribute to this project. Of course, it sounds like you would need a contributors agreement from me, which I have signed, printed and scanned already I just don’t see how to send it to you via the 'Contact Us' page. I know I could make some good contributions to the work that has already been done and I think it would be great fun to develop on such a wonderful project.


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I'd like to share Karl's sentiments. The framework is great, and it's especially good to see that you're 'eating your own dog food' with the work on 'SoapBox Snap' - this is always encouraging for any framework that's made available to the wider public. When I have a bit more spare time I'll be getting round to sending off an contributor's agreement. Cheers.

(19 Oct '10, 17:19) Lee

Yes, we would definitely love to see contributions! As you've indicated, for anything other than the simplest patches, we need a signed contributor's agreement. This is no different than the SharpDevelop model, and as you can tell from the SoapBox Core project I was heavily influenced by the SharpDevelop project. :)

Once you've signed the contributors agreement, please forward a scan of the signed copy to [email protected]. We'll keep it on file. It's just a formality, so that we can change the license model in the future if we need to (in case we want to explicitly move it up to LGPLv4 when that comes out). In fact, in the next release we'll be changing the license of the SoapBox.Utilities assembly to an MIT license because I believe it makes a lot more sense. In the future it would become more and more difficult to make those kinds of changes if we had to contact every contributor before changing the license.

Once we get the signed agreement, I suggest using SVN's patch mechanism to email patches to the same contributions email address above. We'll follow the "normal" open source method: once several useful patches are received from a particular developer, and we've built up a trust relationship, then the existing development team can vote to grant commit privileges to the main repository.

It's a good point about the unit tests. I do have unit tests, particularly around the SoapBox.Core.Contracts assembly, so I could make it a priority to release those relatively shortly.

As for feature requests, for the moment I'd like to keep them all on this site, and just tagged with the feature-request tag. Then use a status-* tag to indicate what the status of the feature request is.


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