Does SoapBox Core have any shared support for undo/redo functionality? If so, where is it and how do I use it. If not, can it be add?

asked 19 Oct '10, 22:14

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There is currently no universal way to handle undo/redo functionality in SoapBox Core, but maybe it could be added. There are already several pre-existing undo/redo frameworks out there (take for example, this one hosted on codeplex – along with many others).

Unfortunately, I only found that framework after creating my own undo/redo manager. I would be happy to contribute my version to the project.

The beauty of the way MEF is used in this project is that you won’t have to decide which undo/redo framework you want to use. All we really need to do is add an IUndoRedoService (I’m sure we can come up with a smoother name than that though, right? Any ideas?) to SoapBox.Core.Contracts and you can easily switch in and out the undo/redo functionality logic. Of course, we could also go as far as to add a default implementation if you guys think it’s a good idea. Please leave your feedback about these ideas.




answered 19 Oct '10, 22:18

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I ended up implementing a custom undo/redo framework in SoapBox Snap. I really don't know if you could create a completely separate service that handled it. Doesn't it depend a lot on your Model implementation? Aren't some actions just "undoable" if your Model doesn't support it?

(21 Oct '10, 12:42) Scott Whitlock ♦♦
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