I checked out the source code from the SVN repository and noticed there are no units tests. Why is this?

asked 19 Oct '10, 22:24

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SoapBox core does have unit tests for the core. They were written using NUnit and they are just not published with the rest of the project (though that might change soon).

I, myself, am also a fairly recent test driven development (TDD) convert and have no experience with NUnit but would love to take on the challenge of designing unit tests for SoapBox core and use it as a way to learn how to really test software. Because of my lack of experience though I am hesitant to take on this task alone. If there are any developers out there who feel that they really know how to test SoapBox core, then please leave your comments. Maybe we can work together to get some good code coverage and you can teach me a thing or two about TDD.


answered 19 Oct '10, 22:26

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Scott Whitlock ♦♦

Testability is always an issue. The modularity of SoapBox Core should make it relatively testable. One problem is dependency injection. I'm adding some helper utilities in the next version to inject mock dependencies into the imported properties for testing. That should make it easier.

(21 Oct '10, 20:18) Scott Whitlock ♦♦
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