Base on SoapBox code, I use an Import attribute to get these references, like so:

   [Import(SoapBox.Core.Services.Layout.LayoutManager, typeof(ILayoutManager))]
   private Lazy<ILayoutManager> layoutManager { get; set; }

   [Import(CompositionPoints.Workbench.Documents.MyDocument, typeof(MyDocument))] 
   private Lazy<MyDocument> myDocument { get; set; }

and show the Document:

   var newDoc = layoutManager.Value.ShowDocument(myDocument.Value, fileName);

I want to open multiple documents of the same type, but I don't know how to override the CreateDocument function ( since I learn c# language just for one month) to show multiple documents of the same type. Is anyone can teach me how to override the CreateDocument function and return a new instance (or an existing instance) base on "memento" ?


asked 16 Jan '11, 23:44

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You're almost there. When you implement the CreateDocument function, the parameter called memento will contain the value of the second parameter that you pass to ShowDocument (in your case, fileName). Use that value to either create a new document (using the new keyword) or return a cached value (by storing all the existing documents in a Dictionary where they key is your memento).

For an example, take a look at the CreateDocument method in this file.


answered 17 Jan '11, 06:41

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Scott Whitlock ♦♦
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Thanks for your help. I finished this work!

(17 Jan '11, 23:27) lovablefish
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