I have a fair number of value converters and attached properties/behaviors that are of general use and I was wondering if SBC users would like any of these utilities added to the core.

I am talking about simple things like a BoolToOppositeValueConvert as well as some more complex things like attached properties for doing drag-drop opperations while avoiding code behind. These are standard things that most people following the MVVM pattern, or even just working with WPF, are going to need eventually and can be a pain to find or write yourself.

I think it would be great to have these kind of utilities in SBC though I do understand that it may have the affect of 'bloating' the core. On the other hand, these utilities could be added in a modular way that would allow any SBC user to simply delete a project or two to remove them completely.

What do you think?

asked 11 Feb '11, 17:00

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It sounds like a good idea. I would want to add them to SoapBox.Utilities if possible. That's now a BSD license. Is this all code that you wrote yourself, or did you scoop it from other places? We've have to be able to include it under a BSD license for it to work.

Also, if we add stuff that isn't directly used in the core, then it needs really really good documentation.


answered 11 Feb '11, 21:02

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Most of the stuff I am thinking of I have written myself. I will spend some time to make sure that is true and get back to you though.

What types of things would you be interested in adding? What kinds of things would you avoid adding or don't belong?

(13 Feb '11, 21:14) KarlB
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