This forum is great and has always yielded excellent discussions and answers on all the questions I've asked. Are there any other resources out there for learning more about SBC, like lectures, blog posts or the like?

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Yes, there are. I just signed-up to present a session specifically on SBC at the next Southern California Code Camp June 25th & 26th at UC San Diego. If you are going to be in the area and want to talk about SBC, then come-on-down, I'd love to meet and chat.

Also, as part of my preparation for this talk I will be starting a blog sometime in the next several weeks for which I have already started a few SBC-related posts. I'll be sure to share more news on that as it develops (whether you really care or not).


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Wow, this is great! Will you be posting a video of your talk?

(12 Apr '11, 22:17) Scott Whitlock ♦♦

Yes, I am planning on recording the session which will then probably be posted on the So. Cal. Code Camp website sometime after the conference. I'll be sure to provide the link both here and on my blog when it becomes available.

One thing I might like to include in the talk is a brief 1-2 minute mention of what is coming for SoapBox Core and SoapBox Snap (slightly off topic, but totally great and still worth mentioning). So Scott, do you have anything you can share about your vision or plans for the future of SBC or SBS? When's the next release going to be, what's coming, ect?

(12 Apr '11, 22:34) KarlB

Looking forward to watching the video!

(12 Apr '11, 22:54) Mark Phipps ♦♦

Hi KarlB, let us know if there is anything Scott or I can do to help you out with the presentation.

(12 Apr '11, 22:58) Mark Phipps ♦♦

Actaully, I am looking for advice on a little detail. I'm trying to think of what the demo plug-in for the session should do. I need something that is not too complex that I can't easily construct and explain it in-front of a live audience while also being complete enough to show-off as many features of SBC as possible. I really like that the original SBC demo plug-in was a pinball game and not a boring text editor - so ideally the demo plug-in would do somethig cool or fun.

Anyone have any ideas?

(13 Apr '11, 14:11) KarlB

The Pin-ball demo lacks many extension points. You could add an extension point during the presentation, to show how that works. Perhaps a "key mapping" extension point for the flippers or something. Then you could write the extension, that has a window for modifying the controls. You could demonstrate how MEF can default to a known plug-in if no extension is found.

(13 Apr '11, 19:10) Scott Whitlock ♦♦
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