MEF 2.0 is coming with .NET 4.5. How does this affect SoapBox Core? Specifically, will any of the existing code be re-factored and/or any new functionality created to take advantages of the new features offered by MEF 2.0?

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.NET 4.5 is an interesting beast, and not all the details have been hammered out yet. For instance, in this blog post it says that it will be an in-place upgrade from .NET 4 (which means .NET 4 applications will run against .NET 4.5 if someone has 4.5 installed on their machine). However, the last comment at the bottom indicates that it's still being discussed.

What I think we can assume is that the new "MEF 2" API's are just additions to the "MEF 1" API - there should be no breaking changes.

My preference right now is to leave SoapBox Core as a .NET 4 application, and let the end-user decide if they want to build a .NET 4 or .NET 4.5 application. If they choose 4.5, they can take advantage of the new features of MEF 2 in their own add-ins and extensions.

I am, of course, open to suggestions.


answered 02 Nov '11, 19:45

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