If I move SoapBox Core to .NET 4, there are some quick advantages:

  • MEF is built in, so there's no external dependency on the System.ComponentModel.Composition.dll
  • I can upgrade AvalonDock (the layout manager) to version 1.3

Does anyone have any major concerns if I do this next? It means you'll have to upgrade to VS2010 if you haven't already.

asked 03 Jun '10, 21:38

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Scott Whitlock ♦♦
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edited 13 Jun '10, 12:46

Version 2010.06.13 is now built on .NET 4 and VS2010.


answered 13 Jun '10, 12:42

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Scott Whitlock ♦♦
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I've now updated to Version 2010.06.13. All is good. Thanks.

(17 Jun '10, 11:38) BSalita

@BSalita: Awesome!

(17 Jun '10, 12:31) Scott Whitlock ♦♦

Works for me. I'm using .Net 4 and VS 2010 for all my apps. I've manually updated SoapBox et al to .Net 4.0 for the last two releases. I was hoping for this announcement. FWIW, I've had crashes with VS 2010. They're mostly in the Xaml designer when I type in a bogus binding. There's other instances also. None of them are showstoppers though. While not perfect, VS 2010 and .Net 4.0 is a better experience than VS 2008.

I'm ok with AvalonDock 1.3 even though it's beta and may be so for months. Unless, of course, there's some showstopper with SoapBox.


answered 04 Jun '10, 06:14

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That's good to know. It'll probably happen shortly.

(04 Jun '10, 12:35) Scott Whitlock ♦♦
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