Using TortoiseSVn on XP Sp3, SVN Checkout on URL Repo:, Fully recursive, omot externals unchecked, HEAD revision, - that is all the defaults, returns:-

Checkout from, revision HEAD, Fully recursive, Externals included
Server sent unexpected return value (400 Bad request) in response to OPTIONS
request for ''


Can access SVN site via browser.

asked 19 Aug '10, 04:38

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My understanding is that HTTP proxies sometimes interfere with some SVN operations over HTTP. Try switching your protocol to HTTPS and see if that helps.

Here are my SVN settings (no authentication):

SVN Settings

EDIT: If you can't get through, you can download zipped archives of the source code from the download page.


answered 19 Aug '10, 12:31

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Scott Whitlock ♦♦
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edited 25 Aug '10, 21:19

  1. I cannot access via a browser
  2. I do notice that my other successful svn connections do work work with https. I have not found any with http to compare against.

So once I can access the svn page via https in a browser, presumably then I could retest this?

(23 Aug '10, 07:06) martino

@martino - I'm using TortoiseSVN v1.6.7 and I cleared my authentication data, and then connected to the repository and did a full checkout ( When I try to change something and commit, it asks me for a username and password. So I was able to checkout without a username and password. That's just using the normal HTTP protocol. -- I keep reading online that this is a Proxy issue (if you're behind one). Proxies don't support the HTTP OPTIONS verb, which subversion uses.

(24 Aug '10, 06:17) Scott Whitlock ♦♦

AFAICT the problem is I cannot access using http since I am going through a proxy and you do not have https enabled on your svn server. If you can switch it on, as seems to be case for all other svns I use, then this should work.(I hope). I have tried https on 3 machines and on two different LANs.

(25 Aug '10, 15:59) martino

@martino: We can look at getting HTTPS access working on the SVN server. Sorry about the delay!

(25 Aug '10, 17:07) Scott Whitlock ♦♦

@martino: We've looked at setting up a secure server on our account, and we don't believe it's worth the money at this point. The unique IP is a yearly fee, and the SSL certificate is a much larger yearly fee. What I'm going to do instead is zip up a copy of the source code and post it for download on the main site every time I do a release. I'll zip up the last release this evening and post it. Sorry about that.

(25 Aug '10, 20:31) Scott Whitlock ♦♦

martino - Hi Martino, I'm going to jump in here. Is it your local internet service provider that's forcing you through a proxy? You may be able to use an external proxy like to browse the repository. If you can tell me more about your setup, I may be able to help.


answered 25 Aug '10, 21:37

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Mark Phipps ♦♦
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How do I use an external proxy?

I have no problems browsing the repository via proxify but how do you get this anonymous proxy to work with TortoiseSVN? The link proxify generates does not work with SVN checkout "400 Bad request".

(01 Oct '10, 02:03) martino

Hi Martino,

Let me look into it and see what I can come up with.

(02 Oct '10, 09:27) Mark Phipps ♦♦

@martino: I'm assuming you've tried setting the proxy information in TortoiseSVN:

(05 Oct '10, 19:18) Mark Phipps ♦♦

What you could do is find a shell account somewhere, checkout the files there, and then transfer the checked out copy to your local machine. That would at least allow you to retrieve the files.

(06 Oct '10, 19:25) Mark Phipps ♦♦
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